About Wavve Boating

Our Story

Wavve Boating’s founder, Adam Allore, has been spending his summers on the St. Lawrence River since before he could walk. Although he always felt confident navigating his standard routes from memory, anytime he had to venture into unfamiliar waters, there was always a worry he would come back without a prop.


In the summer of 2016 he headed out to a new friend’s cottage near the Ivy Lea area with a paper chart and smartphone in hand. What should have been an enjoyable experience turned out to be a frustrating one as he attempted to navigate the tangle of islands that is the Canadian Channel Group. Using Google maps to see his physical location, while constantly correlating this location on the paper chart, made for a stressful trip with too many close calls.


Having then tried other “modern” options such as Navionics, it was clear to him the mark was still being missed. Adam knew the chart could be, and should be, smarter.


For the past two years we’ve been researching, developing and redesigning the Wavve Boating mobile app to serve our fellow boaters. Whether you’re new to the water, a savvy smartphone user, a pleasure boater, or just someone who feels marine navigation could use a boost of innovation, we’re confident the Wavve Boating app will help you make the most out of your summer on the water.

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Our Vision

Wavve Boating is designed to make navigating on the water as simple and intuitive as Google maps made navigating on land.

Although the product could grow in many directions, we believe the greatest value lies in the data we collect from our users. With this wealth of data, we could one day (hopefully soon!) determine the fastest and safest routes across the water. These routes would be customized based on a user’s vessel draft and type, as well as their personal driving preferences.


More users = more data = better and safer solutions.

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