Nautical Charts

Finally available in a modern, manipulatable format. With Wavve, you get the navigation experience you expect in 2018.

Forget those overcrowded, unclear, and visually unappealing navigation options. With Wavve, it’s as easy as
staying in the blue, and avoiding the red.

nautical chart

Intuitive Navigation Experience

Ever find yourself looking at a nautical chart thinking you’re in one location only to find out that island to the left with the shallow bay is actually 500 meters ahead and that shoal you thought you passed is now dead ahead?


Using GPS location services available in all smartphones, Wavve plots your real-time location on the map so you can see exactly where you are in relation to land, markers, and those dreaded shoals. Your location icon also indicates your current direction based on your vessel’s bearing. With both aerial and in situation views, you can tailor your navigation experience to your own personal preference.


Wavve gives you more confidence when venturing into unfamiliar waterways.


Curious to see the Wavve map? Check out our web map here.

nautical chart

Customized Nautical Charts

With traditional nautical charts, it’s a case of information overload. The average boater doesn’t need three sets of contour lines, or to view a dizzying number of soundings.


Wavve’s innovative approach allows you to view and manipulate nautical charts based on your unique needs and preferences. You choose your draft to create the map experience most relevant to your vessel. Wavve’s proprietary interface strives to present digital charts as simply as possible – anywhere that’s shaded red is shallower than your specified draft. Zoom in your map view to see sounding data for these danger areas only, or zoom in further to access all available soundings. You can also filter to find mooring locations, boat ramps, marinas, and more using our map pin functionality.


With Wavve, you get the information you actually need and want on a nautical chart.

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