Where can I learn about using the Wavve Boating App?

Check out our getting started tutorial found here


How do I cancel my subscription?

App subscriptions are managed with either Apple or Google. You can find a form to help us improve, along with cancellation instructions by clicking the applicable link below:




What are the green squares, red triangles and red/white diamonds?

Green squares = port hand channel marker

Red triangle = starboard hand channel marker

Red/white diamond = shoal

Check out the getting started tutorial found here for more information


How do I see sounding data?

Simply zoom in the map!


How do I change the pitch of a map to provide a more '3D' view?

Place two fingers on the screen and move them upwards, voila welcome to the new age of boating navigation!


What are the purple captain hats?

Those are other active Wavve Boating users! 'Wavvers'


Why can't I see my location on the map?

For GPS functionality, it is necessary to enable location settings with Wavve Boating. To enable, follow the instructions found here. You may need to re-download the app from the apple store to reset.


Does Wavve Boating have chart data for the bodies of water that I boat?

Wavve has chart data for all major bodies of water (primarily coastal) for US and Canada. Zoom into an area to see if chart data is present - evident by red shading, channel markers, sounding data etc.


If I delete the app and reinstall will I be billed twice?

Nope! Your original subscription will still be in place. See apple support for other subscription details found here.


Who can I contact to learn more?

Either complete a contact form found here or simply email community@wavve.ca. We will get back to you as soon as possible.