A Guide to Wavve Boating

A Map for You

The Map in Wavve Boating is a treasure trove of useful information. However, to make sense of it all, you have to be acquainted with the various icons in the app, what they mean, and how they act in unison. The icons range from basic chart information – water depth and buoys – to custom pins unique to Wavve Boating. Together, they can help boaters safely navigate and find interesting locations on the water. Click to view the infographic for a crash course on what each icon represents on the map.

Subscriptions are not managed by developers (Wavve Boating in this case), but by Apple or Google. Refunds, payment options, cancellation and renewals, are all managed by Apple or Google, not Wavve Boating.

If you want more information on how to manage and cancel a subscription, please follow the links below.

Apple User Subscription Management

Android User Subscription Management

Maybe! To find out if chart data has extended to your favorite waterways, visit wavveboating.com/map and navigate to the area in which you are interested. If there is chart data available, you will see water depth information and buoys on the map. If there is no chart data, you will see the text “Limited or no nautical chart data in this area.”

The Wavve Boating map is an interactive, digital nautical chart. The map shows water depth, important buoys, shipwrecks, and dangers. The map makes boating easier for you, so we have areas tinted red to indicate bodies of water that are shallower than the draft of your boat.

Within the map, you can zoom in for more details, tap on icons for more relevant information, and see your direction and speed. For more information, check out our video tutorial about Map Basics.

To add friends to your “Fleet,” tap the friends icon in the bottom right of the app screen (it appears as two silhouettes). To search for new friends, tap the Captain’s Hat in the top left of the screen and search using first name, last name, or username. If the person you are looking for has appeared in the search results, tap the “Add” button next to their name to send them an invitation to join your fleet.

If they accept your request, you will be able to view their profile in the “My Fleet” screen. You can then select the compass icon next to their name to see where active users are on the water.

To accept a friend request, tap the Captain’s Hat in the “My Fleet” screen and tap “Requests” in the top menu. Now you can see anyone that has sent you a friend request and accept or decline it.

If you wish to invite friends to Wavve Boating, tap the Captain’s Hat in the “My Fleet” screen and tap “Invite” in the top menu. You can send an invite to join Wavve Boating via text message or email.

Check out our video tutorial for a visual walkthrough of the process to add and find friends in Wavve Boating.

To add a custom location (Wavve Points/Pins) to the map, tap the “+” button in the bottom left of the app screen.

Select the category that closely matches the location you are adding. If you see dangerous debris, select the “Danger” icon. If you found a great spot to bird watch, perhaps the “Sights” icon is appropriate. Picking icons that represent the physical aspects of the location helps produce a valuable ecosystem of Wavve Points for the boating community.

Once you have selected your pin category, add a few details so others (or a future you) will know what is at that location. You can add comments, a picture, and ratings on what the holding and protection is like in the area.

From there, save the Wavve Point it to your private map, share the location with your fleet, or make the Wavve Point public for everyone to see and enjoy.

Once a Wavve Point is public, anyone can rate the pin. Check out our video tutorial for adding Wavve Points.

While connected to the internet, select the Plan A Route button in the bottom right corner of the app screen. Move your cursor along the route you wish to travel and tap the “+” symbol to add a point on your trip. Add as many points along your route as you would like, then tap the “Go” button to start your trip immediately, or tap the “Save” button to save your trip for another time.

If you wish to record your movements while on the water, tap the Record a Route button in the bottom right of the app screen. Record your trip as you move across the water, then save your trip by tapping the record button again and then tapping the “Save” button.

When you save a trip, add some basic descriptions in the Save Screen and then keep it for yourself, or share it with other boaters.

Check out our video tutorial here for a visual walkthrough of the process.

Of course!. Wavve Boating cab help you find what you need on the water. Just tap on the magnifying glass in the top bar of the map, and search by category, coordinates, or via a custom query. The map uses data from Google Maps, so you can find gas pumps, restaurants, boat ramps, and more, right from the app.

Check out our video tutorial for more information on how to search for your next adventure in Wavve Boating.

Data is not required for the app, but a GPS capable device is necessary. To use the charts offline follow these steps:

  1. Open the app while connected to the internet and view the areas you wish to travel. The app will cache that locations chart data for later use.
  2. Once you are out on the water, open Wavve Boating, and you will have access to the chart data in the areas that were cached.

However, without an internet connection, some features will have limited functionality (Ex. sharing Wavve Points or trips.)

Video Guides

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