About Wavve Boating

Wavve Boating is a Kingston-based startup that’s goal is to completely disrupt the boating industry with our app that takes a modern spin on nautical charts and the on-the-water social community. Three years ago we set out to transform the boating experience on the 1000 islands, and today our app serves boaters all across North America. 

Enabling boaters to confidently navigate and explore with ease, while connected to their boating community is what we do.

About the Role

Leading our “Business to Business” (B2B) sales department, this role is responsible for lead generation, sales execution, presentations, and relationship building activities from introduction to close of marine industry partners. This includes associated marketing activities such as email campaigns, cold calling and any necessary conference attending. 

Reporting directly to the CEO, the selected candidate will begin the role conducting the majority of the B2B sales functions, but over time will be required to add supporting specialists and regionally-based team members to increase the capacity of the department.

This position is the perfect fit for a strategic, business-savvy, and passionate self-starter who is motivated to make big things happen.

We want our next team member to be someone truly epic, who believes in Wavve’s vision, and understands that calculated risks are worth taking.

Job duties include:

Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Lead Nurturing and Partnership Proposals
    • Use online and offline resources to identify potential channels to educate and nurture potential partners to the Wavve Boating solution.
  • Targeted Emails and Cold Calls 
    • Contact new opportunities and follow up with partnership prospects via email and telephone, as well as inbound web leads and Google Alert and Analytics opportunities 
    • Standardize communications and maintain an inventory of messaging and materials
  • CRM Maintenance
    • Add new contact information to master lists and CRM system
    • Track all correspondence types to the appropriate individuals and businesses, including emails, phone calls, etc.
  • Inquiry and Opportunity Prioritization
    • Using a combination of the opportunity scorecard/rubric, internally stated priorities, and common sense, prioritize communications and flag opportunities to Wavve’s CEO
    • Where applicable, prepare draft responses and documents

Sales Execution

  • Product Demonstrations
    • Run initial introduction calls, and host product demonstrations as required
  • Lead Management
    • Perform all critical communications and maintain important timelines to bring a lead to closure with the support of Wavve Boating’s CEO.

Miscellaneous Duties as Required

Wavve Boating is a start-up environment where everyone supports each other and pitches in to help get the job done. This means that even though you’re the Marketing Manager, you may be asked to do any number of tasks and we expect you to take them on with enthusiasm – whether it’s to take an eight hour road trip to work a trade show in Rhode Island, walk Bean the office dog (we’re kidding but you will probably want to), prepare expense reports, find the cheapest hotel going, or fly a drone.

Requirements for this role:

  • Experience working in sales
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office/Google Apps
  • Experience working with Google Analytics
  • Ability to analyze and manipulate data to prepare forecasts, probability modeling, and regression analysis
  • Ability to co-ordinate and manage a number of priorities and requests
  • Bachelor’s Degree  in sales, marketing, and/or business development
  • History of following through and making it count when it matters most! We need to see GRIT.

You are our ideal candidate if:

  • You love boating, sailing, or just H2O generally!
  • You are analytical by nature – you use data to draw conclusions and make decisions
  • You’re digital savvy
  • You use apps daily – and not just Instagram and Google Maps
  • You’ve always wanted to be part of a start-up
  • You can walk the talk
  • You thrive in a digital marketing environment
  • You have strong creative writing skills
  • You have an eye for design
  • You enjoy researching and learning
  • You enjoy staying up to date with news, trends, and innovations
  • You enjoy a good laugh – especially at work surrounded by a team that acts like a team
  • Our core values – Be Better Everyday. Make it Happen. Always Remember the Data. Never Pass the Buck. Appreciate What you Don’t Know. Get in the Customer’s Boat. Enjoy the Ride – SPEAK to you.

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