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That brings the best knowledge to bear, for all to benefit. Wavve connects you to other boaters in your area, and provides
the platform to share what you know.

Just like on the water, on Wavve, we all help each other out. Join a community of boaters who believe in communication and collaboration.

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Collaborative Contribution

How many times has a fellow boater warned you about a shoal, let you in on a gem of a docking spot, or told you to check out a fabulous beach? It’s all great stuff, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you just knew exactly where they were talking about?


Our map pinning functionality allows users to share their knowledge of the waterways by adding mooring, boat ramp, marina, fishing, and point of interest locations directly to the map. To add a pin you actually have to be at the location, which helps guarantee accuracy. The community that drives the boating social network also validates all pins using a voting system. See something you liked, that saved the day, or even your prop? Vote it up! Come across something not quite right, vote it down. Any pin with a greater percentage of down votes is automatically removed from the map.


Not willing to share a great find with other users but want to remember it’s location? No problem. You have the option to specify pins as private.

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boating social network

Safety (and fun!) in Numbers

As a boater, you enjoy the peace and serenity you feel when out on the open water. But you’re likely also familiar with that sense of unease you get when the weather turns or mechanical issues arise. It’s in those moments you find yourself wishing you weren’t the only one on the water.


With Wavve, you can enable location sharing to allow other Wavve users to see where you are. Of course, this also means you can see where other boaters are as well. When you know each other’s location, it’s easier to get together to lend a hand or make a new friend. The ability to tap on another user’s icon and see their username helps know who’s on the water and streamlines the meet up process.


For Wavve, this is just the beginning of the features we plan to make available on the boating social network. Check in with us regularly for updates!

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