St. Lawrence River Preservation Starts With Us!

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Bridget Wright Development Director at Save The River · 5 min read

Save The River.

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It’s a critical mission, one that this grassroots organization has been tirelessly committed to since 1978. Through advocacy, education, and hands-on initiatives, Save The River seeks to protect this invaluable resource — and ensure future generations can live, work, and play on the St. Lawrence. St. Lawrence River preservation is a team effort. What can you do?
  • Prevent the spread of invasive species. Clean your boat, especially if you are taking it in and out of different waterways. Wash, drain, and dry before you move on to your next adventure.
  • Watch your fuel. When you are filling up, avoid spills and clean up properly. Also, consider what types of chemicals you use; many are toxic to the river.
  • Know where you’re going. A good navigation aid can help you avoid running aground and springing dangerous fuel leaks.
  • Pack in/pack out. Whether you’re enjoying a can of cola or unwrapping a new lure, stow trash in an onboard receptacle.
  • Be bait smart. When fishing, check that the bait you’re using is suitable for the ecosystem.
  • Consider catch-and-release. Save The River promotes safe catch-and-release. When you prove you’ve released your muskie, you’ll receive a print from a local artist! If you want to grill up some dinner, though, make sure to keep only what you’ll eat.
  • Take small steps. A few ideas: ditch single use plastics (Save The River staff love using metal straws for drinking!); use a marine sanitation device to treat waste or use offshore bathrooms; watch your wake (large waves can erode shorelines and impact habitats).

Support Save The River’s Mission

Individually, we can do a lot. Together, our efforts are exponentially more powerful. When you become a member of Save The River, you support programs that preserve and protect the St. Lawrence. And you’re doing it with thousands of others throughout Canada and the US! How else can you get your feet wet with Save The River?
  • Volunteer! Save The River is always looking for folks to help.
  • Learn from your kids. Save The River educates the educators, helping them develop curricula around the importance of St. Lawrence River preservation. Encourage your children to talk about their learning!
  • Connect. Join the Save The River social media community to keep up and share the word. Participate in great events, like the 5/10K Run for the River, to raise funds and meet fellow river rats.
  • Donate. Looking for the perfect gift? Donate to Save The River to celebrate birthdays, weddings, holidays, or in honour of a special person.
  • Speak up. You can help protect the River! Write or call elected officials. Attend public hearings. Sign petitions. Every voice helps ensure that we are heard.

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The St. Lawrence gives its communities and visitors so much; when we work together, we can give back. Join us on the river!

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