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Adam Allore

Adam Allore
Founder/CEO of Wavve Boating, lifelong River Rat
· 5 min read

Fellow Captain, is there anything better than a day spent on the water with boating buds? Oh, sure there is, but for an average day when you’re not welcoming your first kid into the world, watching your favourite sports team win live, or retiring after decades of hard work, socializing on the water pretty much takes the cake.

The socializing part is easy, but getting everyone to meet up isn’t. Why? Well, first, who’s even on the water this weekend anyways? Second, where are we meeting? We can’t exactly say at the corner of Main and Park Street. Third, where are the Jacksons? They’re always late but should we bother waiting?

We created Wavve Boating to make boating better. But we released the most recent version with one goal in mind: How can we make meeting up with friends on the water easier?

My Fleet

Who’s Out and “Aboat”?

Start with adding friends to your fleet! Search by name or username, or invite them to join Wavve Boating directly from the app. Once they’ve accepted your friend request, you’ll be notified and they will show up in your fleet. If they’re “Landlubbers”, they haven’t been active on Wavve Boating in the last 24 hours. Otherwise, they’ll show as “At Sea” and when they were last active.

Where Should We Raft Up?

Choose a spot! Name an island or a Wavve Point that you can all see on the community shared map. Then, watch as your fleet of friends makes their way to the designated meeting point. Wavvers in your fleet show on the map with navy captain’s hat icons rather than the traditional purple used for those not in your fleet.

Boating Friends

Where’s the Jacksons?

Well, they were last active 30 seconds ago and are close to your location. Tap and you’ll see exactly where they are on the map. 

Boating Community

Enhanced “fleets” are just one of many new exciting additions coming to the Wavve Boating app. Don’t wait, download and subscribe today before prices go up with the release of trip and route planning and sharing in 2019!

Already subscribed? Update today to get the latest and greatest version and start inviting friends to your fleet.

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